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​​Comdial DX-80 Online Support

Comdial DX80 System Programming

*All must be done with handset down – unless specified*

  • Record Greetings in Voice Mail
    From the Supervisor menu you can record greetings for all boxes. Check &
    listen to messages for all boxes. Change options & password for all boxes.
    To Access Supervisor Options:
    -Access your voicemail box
    -From main menu, press 6 for Supervisor Menu
    At this point, voice mail will walk you through changing what ever you need
    to change or check.

  • Recording Main Greetings
    -Go into the Supervisor Options
    -Press 2 for Routing Box Administration
    -Enter Box Number that you are changing / recording
    (Main Day Greeting is box 800, Main Night greeting is box 801)
    -It will repeat the number you entered and prompt you to press 1 if its
    -Press 3 to Modify
    -Press 1 for Greetings
    -Press 2 to Record Greeting
    -Press 1 to replay current greeting or Press 2 to record greeting
    -Press * (star) for current greeting
    -Record greeting.

  • Adding / Deleting Phantom Mailboxes
    -Go into the Supervisor Options
    -Press 1 for Mailbox Administration
    -Enter the Box Number that you are adding or deleting *
    -It will then speak back the box number and prompt you to Press 1 if
    its correct
    -It will prompt you to:
    -Press 1 to Add or
    -Press 2 to Delete the mailbox
    -It will then say ‘Operation Completed Successfully’ you may add/delete
    others or hang up to exit programming.
    *I would recommend choosing a number range for phantom mailbox
    numbers (i.e. 400 thru 450). Something that is easy to remember and that is not used for a phone extension.

  • Programming Extension User Name
    1) From any phone dial Feature # *
    2) Admin Password (8 # signs) ########
    3) Press Show Key
    4) Enter 04 05 then (3 digit extension # ie: 101-156)
    5) Press Chg key
    6) Spell out new name using dial pad
    7) Press Hold
    8) Press Speaker key to End

  • Programming Direct Number Keys (DSS Buttons)
    1) With phone on hook
    2) Press Feature # (pound) then 3
    3) Press button Key desired
    4) Press Top Right – chg
    5) Press Top Left – dir
    6) Enter Desired Extension number _ _ _
    7) Press Middle Top Key – save
    8) Press Bottom Right – ON/OFF

  • Programming System Speed Dials
    1. Press the Feature button # *
    2. Enter the Admin password = # # # # # # # # (pound (#) eight
    3. Press show
    4. Dial 04091
    5. Press save
    6. Enter the Speed Dial Number you are going to use (500 through 699)
    7. Press show
    8. Press chg
    9. Enter in the phone number you want as the speed dial number
    10. Press save
    11.If you would like to enter in additional speed dial numbers, press next
    and repeat above – beginning with step 6.
    If you are done – press the ‘On/Off’ button to exit out of programming.

  • Using the System Speed Dials
    From any phone – enter the speed dial number (500—699) that you wish to call


  • Programming Idle line Preference
    Selects available dial tone when handset picked up
    1) Before starting choose usually last line in group to use for outgoing
    calls: code for line 1=740; line 2=741; line 3=742; etc
    2) Press Feature key
    3) Dial 95 on dial pad
    4) On soft keys under LCD display, press “CO” (Middle Key)
    5) Dial Code for line ie: 742 on dial pad
    6) Press soft key under LCD display for “SAVE” (Middle Key)
    7) Press Speaker to hang up

Need to print a DESI template?  Go here.

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  • Programming 1+Dial on CID Table

             Adds 1 in front of dialing path on CID callbacks
             1) From any phone press Feature # (Pound sign) * (Star) in LCD display
              will read DB password,
              2) Press # (Pound sign) 8 times (########)
              3) Press Save on LCD display
              4) Press 0 3 2 8 on dial pad
              5) Press SAVE key under LCD display
              6) LCD will display LONG DISTANCE AREA CODE
              7) Press NEXT key under LCD display
              8) LCD will display LOCAL AREA CODE
              9) Press SHOW key under LCD display
              10) LCD will display NULL
              11) Press Chg key under LCD display
              12) Press 1 (one) on dial pad
              13) Press SAVE key under LCD display
              14) Press ON/OFF key to exit

  • Checking Caller ID (CID) Table Log

             1) Press CID under LCD display
              2) Enter password – 9999 (Four 9’s)
              3) Use LCD arrows for scrolling​

  • Programming Button to Answering Service

              1) Press Feature # 3
              2) Press selected Answering Service ON button
              3) Press Chg
              4) Press DIR

  • Programming Extension User Name

            1) From any phone press Feature # (Pound sign) * (Star) in LCD display
               will read DB password,
              2) Press # (Pound sign) 8 times (########)
              3) Press Save on LCD display
               4) Press 04-05-(Extension Number i.e. 101-110 ) on dial pad
              5) Press Save on LCD display
              6) Press CHG on LCD display
              7) Press Numeric keypad to enter name (i.e. DEBI press 3 then #
               (pound) then 3 twice then # (pound) then 2 twice then # (pound)
              then 4 three times then # (pound)
              8) Press SAVE on LCD display
              9) To End press Speaker then hang up; To Continue press NEXT follow

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