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The SL1100 IP Quick-Start Kit is the perfect solution to transitioning into the VoIP world.

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The DSX offers you high performance, flexibility and the ability to custom design the system to your customer’s specific requirements. Innovation starts with the new telephones that feature a sleek, compact design, speakerphones, large displays and a built-in desk stand/wall mount kit with two-position angle adjustment. Enhanced version telephones also offer illuminated dial pads and backlit displays.

New System Features

  • VoIP 

Install DSX IP keysets on-premise in a managed network or off-site in a remote office. Compliant third-party SIP phones, soft phones, and ATAs are also supported. DSX VoIP requires a 4-Port VoIP Gateway Daughter Board (VOIPDB), which is expandable via licensing.

  • Line Scheduling

Use the intuitive and easy to understand Line Scheduling to set up how you want the system to handle incoming calls.

  • Department Groups

The 30 Department Groups replace the separate Ring Groups and UCD Groups, providing more group capacity and flexibility. Each Department Group can have a unique name to help keep track of programming.

  • CHECK Key Enhancements

Pressing CHECK and a right-column Fixed Feature Key at any keyset extension displays important information about the system. This information includes extension data, licensing on IntraMail and VoIP, and important networking settings.

  • Built-In Recordable Message On Hold

You can record your own Message On Hold or download a professionally recorded one from the DSX System Administrator. This capability was previously only available with IntraMail.

  • Default Numbering Plan Changes

To make it easier to correlate ports and extension numbers, extension numbers are renumbered from 301-428 and group numbers are 601-630.

  • Password Reset

The system password can now be reset. A Password Reset Key can be purchased by providing the Password Reset Code shown in the DSX System Administrator.

  • Intercom Queue Key

Any keyset extension can have an Intercom Queue key. If the user is busy on a call, any new Intercom call will ring the key.

  • Hold and Park Programmable Recall Cycles

Set how many times a call will retry the extension that initially placed it on Hold or in Park Orbit. The call can divert after a set number or keep retrying continuously.

  • PRI Calling Party number

The extension outbound PRI Calling Party Number option is expanded from four to 18 digits, allowing the system to send a unique 10-digit telephone number for each extension.

  • DID Translation Name

A DID call can optionally display a unique name programming into the DID Translation Table for each entry. This makes it easier for the user to tell the nature of the call.

  • Wireless Headset Adapter (WHA)

Provides full integration with Plantronics wireless headsets. Provides the same capability as the Plantronics HL-10 Handset Lifter.

New IntraMail Features

  • Cascading Message Notification (IntraMail Pro)

Cascading Message Notification will call an extension user at up to five preset destinations to let them know a new voice mail message has arrived. Requires IntraMail Pro.

  • Find Me Follow Me (IntraMail Pro)

Find Me Follow Me helps an Automated Attendant caller locate an extension user who is not at their desk. Requires IntraMail Pro.

  • Email Integration Name (IntraMail Pro)

When a voice message is left by an outside caller (with Caller ID provided), the email shows the Caller ID number and name.

  • Security Code Option

A subscriber can choose to make their Security Code required for all logons or just remote logons.

  • Multilingual Voice Prompts

IntraMail voice prompts are now available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

  • Dedicated UCD Group

IntraMail has a dedicated UCD Group, using master number 700, that is not part of the pool of Department Groups.

New User Features

  • User Level Programming

User Level Programming has an extensive face lift and functional overhaul, making it even more intuitive and easier to use.

  • Directory Dialing Search

Quickly search through the directory for the co-worker or Speed Dial number you want to call.

  • Hot Dial Pad

An extension user can dial a call without first lifting the handset or pressing any keys.

  • Caller ID Manual Callback

You are no longer required to program tables for Caller ID callback. The Caller ID Callback number can now be selected by the extension user.

  • Caller Timer without a Key

Now you can enable the Call Timer without having a separate Call Timer Feature Key.

  • Park Orbit Recall Pickup

An extension user has additional options on when they can pick up a parked call: while it is parked and while it is recalling.

New Upgrades

  • VoIP Gateway Ports

The VoIP Gateway comes standard with a 4-port license. It can be upgraded in 4-port increments. Click here for more.

  • IntraMail Ports

The number of IntraMail and IntraMail Pro ports can now be upgraded in 2-port and 4-port increments. Click here for more.

  • IntraMail to intraMail Pro

Standard IntraMail can now be upgraded to IntraMaiil Pro. Click here for more.

Phone:  281-350-6048
Fax:  855-350-6048
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Authorized NEC Dealer

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Authorized NEC Dealer

Phone:  281-350-6048
Fax:  855-350-6048
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