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The UX 5000 offers many technologically advanced features necessary into today's business:

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - Distributes calls evenly among member agents and provides initial and repeating announcements that encourage callers to remain on the line. Callers can leave a message if they choose to receive a callback from an agent. A clientbased Supervisor position provides traffic management reporting capability.

Multimedia Conference Server - Eliminates the ongoing cost of using outside vendors to host conference calls. The browser accessible Conference Server allows the user the ability to schedule, host or participate in a conference call with ease and efficiency. Users receive an Email with the telephone number and password to dial into the conference. Hosted video conference is supported for web cam equipped PCs.

PC Attendant - Call handling capability can be performed right from your PC. Display visuals let you know if an extension is in use, idle, call forwarded, or set for do not disturb. In addition, conversations can be recorded, saved, and forwarded as an Email attachment. PC Assistant - Provides management and operation of a desktop terminal from a PC with just a few clicks of a mouse - for easy speed dialing, call management, contact lookup, and seamless CRM integration.

Instant Messaging - The PC Attendant can initiate an Instant Message, and the users can then easily respond with displayed soft keys. Presence - The tracking location status can help your organization stay better connected and can significantly enhance productivity by providing the ability to instantly locate key personnel who are often away from their desks. Users can easily set or change their status by accessing the menu.

Video Conference in Collaboration with UX Soft Phone - Upon placing a call, the terminal can automatically identify whether that caller has a video enabled PC. With the push of a button, the video enabled PC can be activated to establish a video conference.

Call History - Saves information about incoming and outgoing calls and are accessible to the user. Logged calls can be redialed or saved to memory.

Bluetooth Hub Adapter - Users can synchronize peripheral equipment such as PDAs, mobile phones, headsets, conference units, and keyboards with the terminal. XML Open Interface Support - Enables developers to create displayable and accessible applications via UX IP terminals. Applications such as calendar links, wallboards, directories, stock tickers, news reports, and more can be displayed. Downloadable Ring Tones - Download from your favorite website. Ring Tones can be programmed and assigned to people in a person’s directory. When an incoming call arrives, a user hears an identifying distinctive ring tone and can immediately know who is calling.

Secure Mode - Offers three levels of protection - Personal, Corporate and Telephony modes. Each IP terminal can be locked to prevent access or use, thus ensuring privacy and security of your corporate directories and terminal data.

E911 Compatibility - Identifies the origination of a 911 call so emergency services can reach the specific extension location quickly.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) - Compatible with most SIP trunk providers and a variety of SIP terminals. 

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